If you are not quite tech-savvy or in case you have not managed a hosting server, you may have some difficulties in particular cases when you must handle a virtual or a dedicated machine. Since each standalone hosting server has its own Operating System and various applications and processes working, you shall most likely run into different problems like a frozen process or one that's loading the machine tremendously. With a shared hosting account all of these things are taken care of by the company, but this just isn't the case when you use a hosting server of your own, so you have to resolve the problems yourself. If you don't have the abilities or the time to manage this sort of matters, you might consider the Managed Services upgrade we offer. Among other things, it includes 24/7 monitoring of your hosting machine and the processes going on it, so in case anything happens, our administrators can easily resolve the issue and reboot the machine so as to recover its proper functioning.

Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers

It'll take you several clicks to include the Managed Services bundle to the dedicated server plan you have selected and our skilled team of administrators will begin monitoring the server closely to make sure that it's working adequately at all times. A lot of automated checks will also be included, so they'll be aware of any issue the minute it appears. High Processor load, an app using too much memory or a system process that has stopped responding are just a few good examples of the issues which we can keep an eye for and deal with once the cause for their appearance is determined. If required, the dedicated hosting server will also be rebooted, so you won't have to do anything on your end. With this service you'll not have to pay to third-party monitoring organizations which are only able to alert you if anything goes wrong but do not have the access to deal with a problem.